About us

Every sound reproducing product had the same purpose – to give it’s user as much joy as possible. The most important criteria are both sound and build quality, adequate price  and attractive, modern form. It is possible to handle sound in a few ways, the best one is to match a driver to a housing in the way to reproduce sound better than others. Such research is a long process that can not be rushed through. This is why our engineers committed many hours to test and choose the best combination possible. Know that the sound our products are reproducing is in no way coincidental, it is designed for Your pleasure.

Our engineering team has thoroughly analysed weak points quality wise in competitive products available on the market. We have eliminated all causes of potential failures. It is our priority to make Snab product you use work flawlessly as long as possible. High quality materials, top build quality and comfiness are the only method to make you feel content. This is our priority.

Company data:

COOLING Sp. z o.o.
St. Sokołowska 24,
05-806 Sokołów.


tel. +48 22 2920130